ahorn capital
Ahorn Capital is an investment platform for professional investors operating out of Hamburg, Germany.


Ahorn Capital identifies and structures attractive direct investment opportunities for institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals. The company leverages its shareholders’ market access and draws on a wealth of internal asset expertise and knowhow.


Ahorn Capital seeks to make opportunistic investments globally and has the flexibility to invest in various asset classes and all parts of the capital structure. The company follows a holistic approach and manages the whole lifecycle of a project from sourcing to divestment.

The securitisation and listing of investments offers investors efficient and transparent deal-by-deal-access. Assets are thereby converted into bankable, transferable and tradable investment products.


Investments are sourced through the company’s exclusive network. Projects are selected by an experienced team following a detailed due diligence process. Attractive risk-return profiles are unlocked through flexible financing, an emphasis on strong collateral, high-quality counterparties and crucially interest alignment. Monitoring, controlling and reporting are continuously delivered throughout each investment’s lifecycle.